What is Frozboards?

Frozboards is a daily challenge leaderboard for Spelunky that ranks based on
speed and level completion, and lets you refine your runs as much as you want.
Competitive Spelunky speedrunning has been an activity restricted to the very best
Spelunky players, and Frozboards wants to change that.

How does the ranking work?

While you play, Frozboards tracks your speed, and your current level.
Your score will be reflected in the Frozboards HUD, where the
"Possible" score is the score you will receive on level completion,
and "Current" is your current score (as a sum of the previous level segments).
Don't fully understand? That's fine, just play and you'll get it!

How can I play too?

Download Frozlunky, it should look something like this:

1. Hit the Daily button, and you'll be directed to authenticate your steam account with Frozboards.
2. Once you've authenticated, hit the "Daily" button to start the Daily.
3. Start a game in Spelunky, once you die or win your attempt will be submitted (End Daily cancels existing runs),
start a new Spelunky run to refine your score (try again).
4. Once you're done, hit "End Daily." to complete your session.

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